Sarajevo Grand Prix

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The positive trend of growing interest for cycling in recent years shows that this sport is not only popular but has many participants as a sport and as recreational fun for all enthusiasts regardless of age, race, or gender. It brings together different generations in one simple joy of cycling.

Great competitions such as Tour de France are what makes the worlds best, while attracting millions of spectators, enthusiasts and professionals. Tour de France will celebrate its 100 year anniversary since its first race as a global sport event, but also as a race that promotes the country of France and all those that travels through. It undoubtedly carries the message of great neighborly relations, beauty of tourist sights and the people that passes by. The proof is in the fate that 188 countries broadcast this race as one of the greatest sport events on the planet.

Today cycling has 3 Olympic categories: Road, Mount Bike, and BMX but also the potential as the means of transportations and finally it is a current mega trend as the recreational sport that connects nations and people of all generations. This development of cycling is a tendency of the entire world, with the EU planning to raise its 2014 – 2020 projects of tourism and cycling by 6 billion euros. All other projects have been scaled down, while the cycling received the support 10 times greater than thus far. Considering that our goal is to create a sustainable project, the project that we will present here to you Sarajevo Grand Prix can be the starting point for Bosnia and Herzegovina to join EU in these projects for professional and recreational cycling.

Thanks to the great friend of Bosnia and Herzegovina and of the Cycling Federation of B&H, his excellency Ambassador of the Republic of France in Sarajevo Mr. Roland Gilles and his friend Ms. Claudia Carceroni del Carvalho, great world champion of women’s cycling 16 times over, participant of the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992 and Sidney in 2000, participant of the Tour de France with over 500 wins, we will on June 22nd 2014 be the hosts of the first Sarajevo Grand Prix. It is our great honor to announce that Tour de France with its director Christian Prudhomme will for the first time be a partner to a race in our country. On this day Sarajevo will be the global epicenter for cycling with all sport enthusiasts of the region and from all BH municipalities. 200 of the best cyclists from over 40 countries will take part in this race.


However, Sarajevo Grand Prix is not just a sports event, it is a project of good will and good relations in the region and in Europe, an event that will bring together thousands of young people around one positive idea of being the citizen of Europe and being the citizen of the World.

As the race is never limited by space but an event in constant movement and designed to last, it presents a true sport attraction as it passes the landscape that is rarely or almost never a host to sport events.